BAKER - Decaf Coffee Pods
BAKER - Decaf Coffee Pods

BAKER - Decaf Coffee Pods

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Introducing Artisan Coffee Pods – the best pods you can get!

We’ve always steered away from single-serve coffee pods due to the concerns related to environmental responsibility and coffee quality – but thanks to recent technological advances with GreenPods®, we’re finally able to offer a solution without compromise.

GreenPods® are 100% compostable, zero plastic, single serve specialty coffee pods. Each one holds 40% more coffee than conventional pods creating a much better brew ratio. The bottom of the pod is a paper filter, which provides a more even extraction. They are individually sealed immediately after grinding for a fresher, better-tasting cup. Each pouch is also nitrogen flushed giving them an excellent shelf life.

Artisan Coffee Pods will work in any K-Cup® brewer, both original and 2.0!

Fair Trade Organic Decaf Mexico

Medium Roast

Mountain Water Process Decaf (no chemicals, less caffeine and more flavor than conventional decaffeinating methods!)

Region: Chiapas, Mexico

Tastes Like: Mild, Smooth, Lemon, Hazelnut

Farm: 1540 smallholder members of FEDESI

Variety: Bourbon, Caturra, Sarchimor

Altitude: 800–1500 masl